Thursday, August 30, 2007

summer drawings

I sat in on dynamic sketching a few times. I was out of it half the time because the class was in the morning and I would get little to no sleep. Plus the fact that you have to walk around and draw in the sun didn't help.

some drawings at the airport . Went back home two weeks ago and for once in almost a year, I was sleeping right and eating right.

I stopped by bob kato's entertainment figure drawing workshop once during the summer term....wish I had gone more.

last day of painting workshop, didn't bring my paint so I decided to draw in this little watercolor sb that i bought at the student store.
too much free time during the break......can't wait for school to start.


sophan said...

wow, this is really good!
i cant imagine taking dynamic in this weather.
class is fun tho.

sophan said...
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ching said...

haven't seen ur sketch book stuff for a while, these are really good! make me want to sit in that dynamic class...

Peter Yoo said...

that beetle is sik wit it